Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Coming soon: or how I learned to stop worrying and say goodbye to Austin

New blog. Keep your eyes peeled. I doubt anyone will see this just now, but new year, new name, new adventure...

Seen as how I couldn't say before I was moving to Australia, I'm now posting the short goodbye draft I wrote to Austin.

To say that my emotions right now are mixed wouldn’t come close to doing justice to where I find myself. Life is as tough as it has ever been, yet in equal measure as exciting. Where am I going? What is this dream I am chasing? It remains a mystery to me. But the fact that I’m pursuing it is the most important thing. Life is only tough because along this journey I’ve been blessed with many people who I would call soul mates. Each of whom have enriched me in different ways and beyond measure, yet each individual has also stolen a piece of my heart as the time comes to say goodbye.

I will miss second Sunday's at the Sock Hop and after parties in swimming pools and garages. I will miss breakfast tacos and free refills. Hook em Horns and Austin at night from Congress bridge; blue lasers illuminating the skyline. Ladybirds and Lone Stars. Hippy golf, tree love, one for the road and howdy strangers. Ace in the hole? Not this year; but sunset on 15 every time. Margaritas taste great any time of the day, but especially with friends. Idiots all around; creativity burning. Romosexuals and keeping Austin beard. Love, always much love. And the Alamo. Remember the Alamo.